Nick Woodman

By Rachel Fike and Maddy Cox


  • Creator of the GoPro Camera
  • Founder, CEO and Chairman of Gopro

  • Born on June 24 1975
  • is the youngest of 4 children
  • now has 3 children and he married his high school sweetheart
  • He went to the university of California San Diego
  • He was born in Santa Clara county California
  • His father is Dean Woodman
  • His mom is Concepcion Federman
  • His wife is Jill Woodman
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  • When he was 17 he sold t-shirts at his high school football games for money for the surf club he was part of
  • He originally made the GoPro as a already existing film cameras to surfers wrists and fashioned the first prototypes out of surfboard leashes and rubber bands
  • started working at a marketing space called Funbag in the early 2000s
  • 2.3 billion net worth
  • GoPro is going to make its cameras as a part of many more industries not just the camera industry.
  • earned 17 million on the first day GoPro came out in 2014 and now he , his parents and siblings are all millionares
  • $2,698,630.00 on average per day
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  • Gave $500 million to Silicon Valley community foundation
  • $450 million to start new charities
  • he paid $229 million to his old college roommate because he was his first employee at GoPro

Fun Facts

  • His father was silicon valley’s investment maker for Robertson, Colman, Stephens, and woodman who Brokered Pepsi’s purchase of taco bell in the 1970’s
  • He is the newest investor on shark tank
  • He was working on this project to create the gopro for 14 years until he figured it out and could release it
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