Alfred Binet

The Inventor of the Intelligence Test

Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet invented what is considered the first Intelligence test

How did their research affect psychology?

it affected psychology because it gave insight to the minds of children; before Binet, the tests were inaccurate because they tested on higher level subjects. Binet's test tested basic problem solving skills.

How did their research help understand how people think & act?

Alfred Binet's research helped psychologists understand how people think & act by providing insight in to what the human mind is capable of without being taught anything. it also affected many people in that time period because it meant that children who needed extra help, would get it.

how did the time period in which they live contribute to their research?

The 1800's contributed to Alfred binet's research because at that time the french government was looking for a way to find out a student's intelligence so that they may put students into classes that were at the correct level of difficulty