Big Island Rendezvous


Big Island Rendezvous

I woke up and I knew we get to go the big island I was so pumped and my mom gets to go so she was pumped up more than me it was our first time going to big island. .So we were on the bus to big island and I got to sit by my friends it felt like it was so long, but cool because there was a huge line of cars following us. it look like we were famous people it was awesome.

It took a whyele but it was worth it big island was huge it was a new place rendezvous took place in the early 1800’s It’s a new place to just chill out in the 1800’s it was a really fun day at big island.

I got home with my mom and we watched a movie called real steel it was a good movie. Big Island Rendezvous was an amazing place to go to I would recommend Big island.

Albert Lea Minnesota, Big Island Rendezvous on Our Story's Festival Fanatics #80