About me

Katrina Washburn


I'm Katrina Washburn but everyone calls me Kat

I'm a freshman


My hobbies consist of drawing tattoos and wolves. I also like to explore the woods with my dog; Tundra.


I love all types of music but i would say my favorite would be Shattered by Trading Yesterday. Because it's about trying to find yourself even when there's so much doubt.


This fall for the school i played on the girls golf team i hit the longest drive; 210 yds.

I play basketball but not competitively only with my dad and older siblings.

Winter Break

This winter break I slept in, ate, and played with my dog in the snow along with my siblings.

Favorite Quote

Challenges are what makes life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful

~ Joshua J. Marine


I own a one dog; named Tundra she is a 5 year old, Siberian husky.

The two family dogs are Cleo and Barney. Cleo is 16 years old, and Barney is 14 years old.

We also have some fish.

Somewhere i want to visit

I've always wanted to travel the world doesn't matter where I'm going as long as I'm going somewhere and exploring.