6th Grade Physical Education

Periods 6 & 7

Week 8

Welcome to Week 8! We only have two weeks left in this quarter!
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This Week...

This week we have started our soccer unit down at the fields. The weather has been perfect, so everyone is really enjoying being outside! These first couple of days, we've started with several mini games. Tomorrow, some students will continue with mini games, while others may be working on basic skills.
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Upcoming Skills Test

Students will have a skills test later this week on soccer. They will be graded on some of the basics, including dribbling, passing, and shooting.
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Extra Credit Opportunity

Here is an opportunity for 5 points added to either your basketball test from last week or your skills test this week: Let me know at the start of class who won the most recent Women's World Cup and who in that particular game had the most goals. Due by Friday, December 11th.

Ms. Jennifer Lee

River Trail Middle School

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