Kailin Wallace

Producers Adaptations

In the desert, the plants look unlike anything you see anywhere else. These plants have adapted so that their roots are shallow enough to reach the water of a storm, or deep enough to access the ground water. These plants include the cactus, the Dragon Tree, Desert Spoon, Aloe, Joshua tree, and the Yucca Tree.

Sunflowers high developed root and flower systems enable sunflowers to adapt to different climates and form symbiotic (close association of animals or plants) relationships with other life forms. Sunlight adaptations appear within the sunflowers head of the flower, which rotates or moves with the rising and setting of the sun.

There are cactus plants that have adaptations such as enlarged stems which carry out photosynthesis and store water. These species of cacti (known as succulents) are coated with a waxy substance coated that prevents water evaporation. It helps prevent water from spreading on the surface, instead forcing water down the stem and into the roots. Cacti have hard-walled, thick succulent stem which stores water when it rains and keeps water from evaporating. The stem is basically fleshy, green and photosynthetic, and the inside of the stem is either hollow or spongy tissue to hold water.
Barrel cactus defends itself from animals with pulps which are very dangerous and sharp. Barrel cactus storages a lot of water to survive in desert. Cactus has not leaves it has pulps

Consumers Adaptations