Children in Nigeria

Us Versus Them

Children in Nigeria do not live in the same situations that we do. Whereas children in America do not begin working until the age of 16 and it is their own choice, about 15 million Nigerian children begin working before the age of 14. They work under extreme conditions and do not get the chance at an education like we do.

Witchcraft is on the Rise


Just like in Things Fall Apart, witchcraft is a common belief. Children are often accused of witchcraft in Nigeria, and it is on the rise. Children are usually accused when there is a "multi-crisis" situation, such as the loss of a job or the death of a family member. Adults in the community accuse babies who cry too much or even kids who like to sleep outside when it's hot. In one incident, a pastor told a girl's mother that she was a witch, and the mother burnt the girl with fire. When kids are accused of being witches, their parents usually abandon them and the kids end up on the streets. Even though these kids are tortured and blamed for many incidents, there is never any type of documentation or physical evidence found that shows that the kids actually committed the crimes they are accused of committing. Fortunately, as of November 1, 2012, a law has been introduced to protect children from being accused of witchcraft.
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