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Week of January 11, 2016

Our Vision

The Lincoln/Madison Feeder Pattern prepares scholars to lead, think, communicate and compete as responsible citizens who are college and career bound.

Taking Action

By now, the ACP data has been analyzed and you have met with your staff to discuss the data either collectively or through one-on-one meetings or a combination of the two. The difference-maker for our students will be the action that you take in response to the data.

I have asked each of you to design action plans that answer the following five questions:

  1. How are you modifying the schedule during the school day to provide additional time?

  2. How are you adding additional support or expertise to the classrooms?

  3. How are you grouping students (flexible grouping) or reducing the class sizes?

  4. How are you ensuring that students are receiving targeted instruction based on their individualized needs?

  5. How are you obtaining data daily and/or weekly to monitor student progress?

These five questions are essential questions used when planning RtI interventions. By designing a schoolwide plan, you have created an all-hands-on-deck approach to supporting your students and teachers. As a reminder, your plans are due to be uploaded to the google link by Friday, January 15, 2016. I have provided sample plans as a scaffold to you and I have discussed and reviewed your ideas this week. I look forward to seeing your plans implemented as we race towards STAAR/EOC and the ultimate victory for our students.

Together, we can positively impact our students, schools and communities. I believe that we have everything that we need to do just that. I believe that each of our schools will meet standard with an increase in distinctions. I urge you to believe with me.

Guided Reading Walks/English EOC

Elementary principals should be submitting dates for their guided reading walks to me by January 15, 2016. If you have not already scheduled your walk, please submit dates that fall after February 1, 2016. The guided reading walks should only last 1.5 hours or less and should focus on a specific component of guided reading that you have been emphasizing in professional development such as transitions, the guided reading lesson, collecting data at the table and so on.

High schools should be ensuring that students are exposed to the four components of STAAR/EOC (revising/editing, essay, short answer, reading multiple choice) on a weekly basis. Please be prepared to share how you are ensuring that this is happening weekly.

Parent Conferences

This week, we will have the opportunity to share mid-year updates with parents regarding their child's progress thus far. Please take advantage of this time to inform parents of the SSI requirements for their students this year; especially 5th graders who will retest in both reading and math or seniors who still need to retest. If you have students who may potentially be retained or have to attend summer school, it will be imperative that the conversations begin with parents now. Let parents know about your schoolwide plans to intervene on behalf of their student and how they can partner with the school to ensure success for their children.

Leadership Focus and Updates

Feedback- Please ensure that you are intentional with your feedback by tiering teachers and differentiating the feedback and support you provide based on their individualized needs. Be prepared to discuss your plan for documenting and closing the feedback loop.


- The bi-monthly I2020 update is due on January 15 and once per six weeks thereafter on your gooole link. Please make sure that your quantitative data includes student achievement data such as ISIP, Common assessments, Achieve 3000(baseline), Reasoning Mind, SRI (high schools), DOL etc. You could also include attendance, truancy, discipline, spot data and survey feedback.

-Review the 4th 6 weeks common assessments this week during PLCs

-Principals should provide written feedback to teachers within 48 hours of the spot observation.

-Please note that non-renewals will be somewhat earlier this year due to the Board calendar. If you have teachers who are struggling, ensure that you are making every effort to support their progress.

Board of Education Recognition Month

A special "thank you" goes out to Trustee Nutall and Trustee Solis for their unwavering support of our schools and communities. You are appreciated! .

Thanks to those of you who have updated your marquees to acknowledge our Trustees.

On the Horizon

January- Board of Education Recognition

Jan. 6- Feb. 1- Campus based Written compositions

Jan. 6- Jan. 25- SRI testing (high schools)

Jan. 6- Jan. 27- ISIP MOY testing

Jan. 11-AP Focus Group 4-6 p.m. @ Haskell

Jan. 11-Parent Conferences High Schools

Jan. 12- Districtwide Spelling Bee

Jan. 13- TEI Expert Session @ Madison 4:45-5:15

Jan. 14- Parent Conferences Elementary Schools

Jan. 15- Guided reading sweep dates due

Jan. 15- ACP Action Plan due

Jan. 15- ACP Status report due to L. Williams

Jan. 15- MLK Oratory Competition

Jan. 18- MLK Holiday

Jan. 20- Principal's Meeting 1:00-5:00

Jan. 21- K-2 Literacy Cadre @ Rhoads 3:45-5:15

Jan. 23- STAAR Academies (Region 10) 9:00-12:00 English 1&2/Reading, Writing & Math elementary

Jan. 28- Feeder Principal's Meeting @ Roberts 11:00-2:00

Jan. 30- ACE Carnegie session @ Haskell 8:00-12:00 (identified 6 participants)

Our Feeder Leaders