Hokulani Opening SY 2020-2021

8 July 2020


School Plan for SY 2020-2021

Dear Hokulani Ohana,

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the past several months. We look forward to welcoming students back to school starting August 5, 2020.

All schools in HIDOE were tasked to determine how to welcome students back onto campus while still being mindful of health and safety guidelines such as social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, student enrollment, and the physical space available. We also need to be cognizant of underlying health conditions of students, faculty, and staff which really requires us to be thoughtful of how to open this school year to the greatest extent possible. You might also be aware that our campus efficiently uses minimum space and is not situated on expansive property.

A more detailed parent handbook will be shared outlining new protocols including health checks, dropping off and picking up students. For now, following is an overview of the model and the associated schedules.

I continue to meet with a volunteer group of faculty and staff as we continue to plan for this coming school year. Mahalo for your ongoing support,

Laurie Luczak

Hybrid Model B - A/B/C schedules; Face to Face and Distance Learning

  • Students in grades Kinder (K) and First (1) are scheduled to come to school daily.
  • Students in grades Two (2) through Five (5) will be on a rotation schedule, coming to campus twice a week and engaging in distance learning the other three days of the week. These students will be assigned to either Schedule A or Schedule B.
  • Students with documented exceptional needs will also be coming to school daily.

Schedule A students

  • will come to school on Monday and Thursday; and
  • engage in distance learning the other days.

Schedule B students

  • will come to school on Tuesday and Friday; and
  • engage in distance learning the other days.

Schedule C students -

  • All Kinder and First graders and students as assigned;
  • Daily.

Schedules will be distributed no later than the end of next week. We still need to review the list of students enrolled as that list has been changing daily. We want to minimize classroom changes as much as possible and ensure balanced class lists.

We will have three homerooms per grade level, reducing class sizes, in order to support health and safety guidelines and social distancing practices.

Example Schedules

Big picture

Staggered schedules

In order to ensure that large groups of students are not convening before and after school and in order to adhere to other social distancing guidelines, the transitions throughout the day will be staggered.

There will be five different start times which will allow us to welcome around 50 students at each interval. The MPB will be used as a welcoming station where students will report before going to class. We ask that students come as close to their starting time as possible.

Please see the following tables.

  • Special Schedule 8/5 - 8/19/2020
  • Special Staggered Schedule for 8/5 - 8/17/2020
  • Regular Staggered Schedule starting 8/18/2020
  • Wednesday schedule starting 8/26/2020

Recess and lunch will also be staggered to minimize the number of students on the playground.

This year, there is also a temporary change to our Wednesday dismissal time from 1:30 PM to 12Noon except for August 19, 2020.

Special Schedule - 8/5 - 8/19/2020

If you have been following the news reports, you will know that the Supt. Kishimoto has indicated that the first nine days of instruction will be half (1/2) days to allow for assessments, data gathering, instruction and practice of routines and protocols, and to allow for a safer transition back to school. Professional training for teachers will also be provided during this time.

The schedule that immediately follows is for 8/5 through 8/19/2020. School lunch will still be available and students will be able to pick their lunch before leaving school.

August 18 and August 19 will be full school days for students.

  • August 18 - Schedule B and C students
  • August 19 - Schedule A and C students.

August 20 is a Professional Collaboration for teachers (no instruction or students)

August 21 is a State holiday - Admissions day.

Additionally, there will be a special schedule for Kinder students during 8/5 - 8/17/2020. That will be sent to Kinder parents only separately.

Special Schedule 8/5 - 8/19/2020

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Special Staggered Schedule 8/5 - 8/17/2020

Sch. A, Sch. B, and Sch. C students

Regular Staggered Schedule starting 8/18/2020

Sch. A, Sch. B. and Sch. C students

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Wednesday Schedule

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Family Handbook

A fuller document will be shared with families by the end of next week. This document will include additional information regarding health guidelines and symptoms that indicate that children should not be in school and should go home, sample daily schedules, supplies, orientation schedules, etc. Also included will be expectations, attendance requirements, and communication hierarchy.

I remain in contact with Moiliili Community Center (MCC) and A+ Kama'aina Kids. MCC hopes to still offer early morning care and after school programs but will be limiting their enrollment. A+ will also hope to offer after school child care and will also need to limit their enrollment in order to accommodate our space.

Thank you again for your patience and support. We look forward to welcoming students back to school.

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