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October 17 - October 20

Classroom News

What are we up to in class?

ELA: Reviewing standards taught this 9 weeks.


Writing: Writing Narratives

Math: Reviewing and/or extending math standards taught this 9 weeks.


Science: Discovering the use of magnets in everyday life

  • Vocabulary: magnetism, poles, attract, repel

Weekly Words: "i-e" pattern words

dice, mice, slide, hide, kite, pipe, write, line, mine
**With this pattern, students should start to realize that words with a long "i" sound (meaning we say the "i" in the word) end with a silent e.

Important Dates:


  • 10/17 - Nishie G's Spirit Night
  • 10/20 - Shomars Spirit Night
  • 10/21 - No School
  • 10/24 - 10/28 - Red Ribbon Week
  • 10/26 - Zaxby's Spirit Night
  • 10/28 - Report Cards go home & Grandparents Lunch (please send in RSVP)

Box Tops are collected every Friday

Classroom Needs:

- extra individually packaged snacks

School News

Book fair is coming!

We need volunteers for every scheduled time! Contact Tenley Middleton at
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Fall Fundraiser:

The Attractions Coupon Book Fundraiser has ended. Please return all books not sold and turn in any money. If you have any questions, please e-mail

PTO Membership:

Did you know this year the membership to the IHES PTO is FREE! If you haven't already, please complete the membership flyer and return to the school.

Stay connected:

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Read Your Way to the Big Game!

Reading logs went home last week. Read six books and submit the log to be entered in a contest to win Clemson or USC tickets.

Parent reminders from the office -

Please have your children check lost & found.

PLEASE,PLEASE label your items; Lunch boxes, jackets, etc.

Please try to get daily materials (lunches, ipads, agenda's etc. ) to school with your children in the morning. We are having many interruptions during the instructional day to deliver and call into classes to pick these things up.

Thank you, parents!


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Email -

Voicemail - (803) 985-4042

Canvas -

Technology in the classroom:

We use many different online tools to aid student learning in the classroom, all of which can be accessed at home!

Below are the links to the different programs we use. Student's usernames and passwords are taped into their binders:

*Students are welcome to bring devices from home to use in class.