Preparing For Your Appointment

Follow these 6 steps to make the most of your visit at Olin!

Step 1. Know Your Location!

MSU Student Health Services is available in 5 convenient locations throughout campus. Our four Neighborhood clinics are available for treatment of illness or minor injuries, and are located in South Hubbard, Brody, McDonel, and Holden Halls.

A broader range of health and wellness services are provided at our main location on the north end of campus, Olin Health Center.

Step 2. Make Your Appointment!

All medical and most other visits at Olin and in the Neighborhood Clinics are by appointment. Our goal is to have over 70% of appointments available at the start of each day. In most cases, especially if you call before noon, we will be able to schedule a same day appointment.

To make an appointment call: 517.353.4660

Step 3. Make a List!

Be ready to share! When your time with our provider is short, it's easy to forget key information. Creating a list before your appointment can help communicate to the provider what you need and maximize the time of your appointment.

Things to include on your list:
  • symptoms, questions, or concerns,
  • current medications: prescription and non-prescription, vitamins, and any medication that you've had an allergic reaction to or unpleasant side effects with,
  • doctors you've seen recently or see regularly,
  • operations you've had and the reason for those,
  • health habits and exposures.

Step 4. Prepare Your Insurance for Your Visit.

When attending your appointment, make sure to bring your insurance card (or a photocopy of the front and back of the card) to your visit.

If you already have insurance:
  1. Check with your insurance company to determine whether your insurance plan will cover services at MSU Student Health Services, or elsewhere in the greater Lansing area.
  2. MSU Student Health Services participate with the Aetna Student Health Plan, traditional BCBS, BCN, Cofinity, PHP for urgent care, and most other Blue Cross/Blue shield plans. Other HMOs and PPOs will consider us to be out of network.

Go to our website for more information: Health Insurance Coverage!

Step 5. Let us Know of Special Needs and Ask a Friend!

When you're on your way to Olin for your appointment, let us know ahead of time if you have any special needs by calling us at 517.353.4660.

Also, if you think it will help, ask a friend or family member to come with you to your appointment to take notes, listen, and offer support.

Step 6. Arriving at Olin...

Plan on arriving at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to begin the check-in process and take care of the administrative paperwork.