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Rehearsals for "My Fair Lady" start on Tuesday after school! We had auditions for the musical in December and now we're excited to get started! If your students are involved in the musical, we'll be having rehearsals Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. We'll be ending rehearsal at 5:00 pm. The students will be getting a more comprehensive calendar at Tuesday's rehearsal.


Math club has officially started with weekly meetings on Tuesdays, after school, in Ms. Whiteside's room. Next week we will focus on making integers out of integers and fun prime properties.

BYU has announced their competition day. SFJH can bring twelve 8th graders to the competition on February 5th. Let Ms. Whiteside know if you are interested or have any questions.

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Detention E-mails

Parents and Students,

We are sending out detention notices by e-mail one a weekly basis. Students are allowed 4 free tardies since school started before they have to start serving detention. Here is a break down of how it works:

-On the 3rd tardy and everyone after that the students will need to serve 15 min. of detention for each one.

- Late tardy = 30 min. detention

-Sluff = 1 hour of detention

Detention is not given to students for unexcused abscences at this time.

Students are expected to follow the directions on the e-mail sent to them.

Any student with unserved detentions will not be allowed to participate in field trips, school activities or sports. Students will have to have all detentions made up before they can go to Lagoon. We are tentatively planning to go the last week of school!

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New Information on COVID Tracking

Click this link to get new information from the Utah County Health Department.

Utah County Health Letter to Families 9/14/21

Utah County Health Letter to Families in Spanish 9/14/21

Students and Parents, We would love to post pictures of you doing your thing! What ever it may be. Send to Blake.mortensen@nebo.edu