Becky's Bulletin

5-12 Happenings this week

What's UP?

  • HS Faculty picture Monday, January 18th at 2:15 in the gym- don't forget to wear your E-Hawk colors!
  • FAST Window starts January 18th! Have questions? Check this out!
  • EdCamp Iowa- Feb. 13th; a day of problem solving, discussions, and technology. If anyone is wanting to go let me know! :)

Strategy of the Week- Chat Stations

Need an easy way to get your students more engaged and moving in your classroom? Try Chat Stations. This is a twist to learning stations that we remember in our elementary days.

The teacher will display discussing prompts/questions around the room. After setting a specific time allotment to spend at each station, groups of students will go around the room chatting about the various prompts. (It also helps to have some sort of graphic organizer that they can write their answers on while they are discussing in their groups.)
Once they have been to all stations bring the class back whole group and then proceed to go over each question.

This is an easy way to review for a test, use as a pre-reading strategy, analyze literature, or even use in a debate format to get everyone to participate! Here is a link to a video that talks more about Chat Stations! Check it out!

SBG Spotlight

  • Top 10 SBG Articles in one place! Take a peak- some may be new to you.
  • Great book titles to peruse (I personally have read some and are currently reading others): Formative Assessments and Standards Based Grading: Classroom Strategies that Work by Robert Marzono, Effective Grading Practices for Secondary Schools by David Nagel, Rethinking Homework by Carly Vatterrott, and Rethinking Grading by Cathy Vatterott

Have some new things you want to try or would like help in any way let me know!

I would love to chat! Thanks to those of you who have welcomed me into your classroom this year, it has been great! You all do amazing things and it doesn't go unnoticed!

Miss Kjellsen