SSHS Greenhouse

Spring into our greenhouse!!!!!!!!!

Our plant sale will be through April 14th- April 18th 2014. Our plan is to get all of the plants to be sold before all the students leave for spring break! In the greenhouse there are many different types of plants. But if you would like plants contact the school or me personally. Our greenhouse is located at Saint Stephens High School.


We are open everyday after and before school.

Monday-Friday after 3:15pm

Rebecca Johnson

She is the agriculture teacher at Saint Stephens High School. Also she is the one who would be the best person to ask if you may have any questions about the plant sale.

Her phone ext. is ext. 435


  • Plant Quality
  • Care given to plants
  • No Pest or Diseases


  • Competition
  • Some plants bloom to early.
  • Not enough plants for everyone.

Buyer Profiles

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Civilians in our community

Other ways to find more information about Plant Sale!

  • Posting posters on bulletin board.
  • Banners outside the school
  • Students handing out flyers
  • On the school website

Target Market

Our greenhouse is open to everyone. We mostly sale to teachers or students parents. That is why we are trying different methods of advertising to get the people in our community to know about it.


To make money to better equip our greenhouse.

Our Plant Prices

  • Pink Begonias- 6.00/6-pack
  • Peach Impatiens-3.50/6-pack
  • Midnight Blue Petunia -4.25/6-pack
  • Inpatients Utopia Mix-4.25/6-pack
  • Bacopa White-3.50/6-pack
  • Marigolds Deep Orange-5.50/6-pack
  • Coleus Aurora Raspberry and Red Head-6.00/6-pack