Innovative Apps for Teachers:

Strengthen your...Home-School Partnership/ PLN/Instruction

A Survey: Apps, Online Forums and You

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Today's Learning Targets

I can identify various apps and forums, so that I can...
  • Strengthen the Home -School Partnership.
  • Build a Professional Learning Network.
  • Meaningfully Integrate into my Instruction.

I will know I have it when...

  • I 'give a go' to one of the apps or forums for one (or more) of the above purposes.
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Top 5 Tips To Keep It Safe and Real!

5. Keep in mind these are public forums, put your 'best self' forward and that means...always have your hair done and post after your morning cup of coffee!

4. Beware! Check to see if your audience can respond. Disable that feature if you want to avoid this option.

3. Be mindful of your internet permission slips. If you don't have one for a students, don't post a photo of them.

2. Do not share identifying information for students, i.e. names, address etc.

And the #1 Tip to Keep It Safe and Real is...

1. Be Positive, Be Brave, Be Creative and Have Fun!

Your turn to explore!

Choose one of the apps/forums introduced today and explore independently or with a partner. Feel free to use your phone or the computer. We are here to help, just call us over if you need support.
Exit Ticket

Take a moment to think about all you were introduced to today and complete the Exit Ticket by clicking the button above.