Voiceover for iOS

An iDevice assistive tool for the visually impaired.

Voiceover Assistive-Touch

Voiceover drastically changes the basic gestures that are used in iOS so that the touch-based devices of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod may be accessed by those with vision impairments.

Utilizing Siri, and the capabilities already built into the iOS, Voiceover will read aloud everything that is occurring on the user's screen as well as voicing the icons that the user is hovering their finger over.

Overview of Voiceover Features:

  • Descriptional Navigation.
  • Alternate gestures - double-taps, twists, and swipes
  • Audio "Ducking" - video/music automatically lowers underneath Voiceover narration.
  • "Privacy" screens - blacking out the display while working.

The "Rotor"

Calling back the rotary dial of the original iPads, the Rotor is a virtual control that allows the user to navigate through the various elements of a webpage or document that is displayed on the device.

Activating Voiceover

An In-depth Exploration of the Tool's Features

Introduction to Apple VoiceOver

International Access

Like much of Apple's iOS suite, there are over thirty different languages supported in Voiceover. From English to Hungarian, Hindi to Czech, Apple works tirelessly to provide as seamless an interface as possible to as many of its users as possible.


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