Jean-Jacques Rousseau

By Landon Martinez

Political Veiws

  • He saw philosophers as the post-hoc rationalizers of self-interest.
  • His work focused on ways of preserving human freedom in a world where human beings are increasingly dependent on one another for the satisfaction of their needs.
  • He appreciated the wonders of nature and he emphasized on the importance of feelings and emotions.

Educational Veiws

  • Rousseau philosophy on education does not emphasize learning all information but only the needed information for ones calling.
  • He also recommends that a young adult learns a manual skill such as carpentry, since it requires creativity and thought.
  • After a young adult learns a skill then at the age of sixteen, males are then ready to have a companion of the opposite sex.

His Impact on Society

  • His treatises and novels inspired the leaders of the French Revolution, the Romantic generation, and many other famous philosophers.
  • Rousseau believed that education gives people the chance to learn how to be good even though they lived in a corrupt society.
  • These views on education helped inspire the national education system in France during the French Revolution.


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