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Eleanor lyon

Hello I'm Eleanor Lyon but my friends call me Ellie.I am 9 and my birthday is the 22nd of November.My BFF (best friend forever) is Leila Newman and we both adore writing stories,poems,and drawing.We love animals especially cats and horses.She is 43 days older than me.We both have cats:her's is Pumpkin(she got her at halloween)and mine is Jessie(after the toy story character).(Jessie's internet name is whiskers).
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Christmas time

It is the19th of December so that means only 6 more days till Christmas YAY!!!We have about 6 presents under tree so we'd better get cracking.Whiskers(Jessie,but like I said Whiskers is her internet name)is starting to get a bit interested by the ball balls hanging from the lower branch of the tree(uh oh)!