The mysteries of the world


When being an investigator you need to always need to be cautious with everything you do. Some things might deceive you and make you think it is something else. Illusions can often trick our minds so we need to be more aware and more careful. Look at the picture on the left. It would look like a normal person but if you turn it around, he looks completely different!

Our First Mystery

Can you find water using a water divining rod?

Over hundreds of years, humans believed that you could find small amounts of water using divining rods made from sticks. However this theory hasn't been proved. Over the years, there has been a huge reward to anyone who can find out if divining rods work. But no one has proven it yet! We found out that diving rods don't really find water. A slight hand movement could turn the rod to a different direction. We tested this theory when we hit a bottle of water under a box. The person with the rod had to find the water without seeing where it is. They failed to find where the water was. So the theory was false!

Bed of Nails

In the past, people believed they had magical powers which meant they could lie on a bed of nails. We tried to press a balloon on a few nails but it popped. A man lay on the bed of nails. He was not hurt. His friend then stood on him. Still he didn't hurt. The reason for this is because the man's body weight is balanced equally along all the nails. The balloon popped because the weight was only spread between a few nails. This is why the balloon popped and the man was safe. The mystery of the bed of nails was solved!