James Vaughn upcoming shows:

  • Apr. 25-27 - Baltimore, Maryland
  • May 2-4 - Tattoo Lou's United Ink New York Tattoo Expo
  • June 6-8 - Ink -N- Iron Tour, Queen Mary
  • July 18-20 - Ink Life Tour - El Paso, Texas
  • Aug. 1-3 - Pacific Ink & Art Expo, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Aug. 15-17 - Ink Life Tour - Longview, Texas
To book an appointment with James at any of his upcoming shows or to check availability, please call the shop at 336-328-0579 or email jvstraighta@gmail.com

About Mr. Vaughn...

With over 20 years experience, James Vaughn has become one of North Carolina’s most awarded and respected custom tattoo artists in the industry. James has two North Carolina tattoo parlors- Straight A Tattoo in Asheboro, NC and Emerald City Tattoo & Piercing in Greensboro NC. Although he specializes in neo-traditional Japanese art, James’ style and creativity is boundless. While appearing on Spike TV’s hit show, Ink Master’s, James Vaughn became a household name with his southern sayings and wry humor.

Tattoo Timelapse - James Vaughn