Flabby Flappers

Time To Produce A Cliche

Writers tried to get to congress about the corruption but when they did they did not make any progress.After posting more problems much more than a immediate impact.A few brave writers exposed things so bad that they made average american go cold-blooded.Soon after Upton Sinclair published the book"The Jungle" a lot of people were outraged and congress passed the "Pure Food And Drug Act" and the "Meat Inspection Act" to stop the problems.

Kid Blackie

The Manassa Mauler

He was born William Harrison Dempsey on June 24,1895,in Manassa,Colorado.Around 1880,a group of missionaries from Latter-Day Saints visited Dempsey's parents and then they converted to Mormonism. After a little while they moved to a little Mormon town of Manesssa in southern Colorado.William got into boxing because of his older brother Bernie who was a prizefighter in saloons in Rocky Mountain Towns.When William was 17 he began boxing instead of working because he could make more money like that but after a little while his older brother Bernie fell ill.Bernie used the name "Jack Dempsey" a great 19th century boxer,when he got ill he let William fill in his spot and William won but continued to use the name "Jack Dempsey".
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World War Uno

World War One started July 28,1914 due to the death of Austria's Archduke Ferdinand.Archduke was assassinated by a Bosnian Serbian national because Archduke tried to tripartite instead of a dual monarchy. That interested some people but it made others believe it was a threat to their independence especially the ultra-nationalist group "The Black Hand".The assassination was lead by Gavrilo Princip who eventually got Ferdinand,the was the spark to start a great war.
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Journalism Goes From Making Green To Start Producing Yellow

This subject consists of some true aspects of the war some were not and this made every country in the war look bad to one another.Propaganda was a big conflict because the government had no control over the publishers but it made their country look good so they didn't mind even what they said was false.The other countries that were opposing their country they talked bad about so their country gets a lot of respect and thought of as the best.Yellow Journalism makes people nationalists because non-stop propaganda happens when a country talks about one another.
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Pro Era

This political cartoon shows the working man getting screwed by the big business men and the government. The working man deserves more than a bucks to support himself and his family.
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