Terrestrial Ecosystems

Rain Forest, Deciduous Forest, & Grassland by Andrea Hunter

Rain Forest

Rain forests have very hot and wet climates. They contain many trees which make it hard for sunlight to reach the floor of the forest. Most rain forests are near the equator. Monkeys, snakes, vines, and toucans are examples of organisms that live in the rain forest.

Deciduous Forest

Deciduous forests have climates that consist of warm summers and cold winters. These forests have four distinct seasons (winter, summer, fall, spring). The trees often loose their leaves and develop thick bark for the winter months. Examples of organisms which live in this ecosystem are black bears, voles, mice, owls, and deer.
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Grasslands have cold winter and warm summers. They are often plagued with drought and wildfires which limit the number of large trees in this ecosystem. Rainfall in this ecosystem is enough to support grasses but not enough to support large trees. Common organisms found in grasslands are grasshoppers, prairie dogs, and bison.