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Quarterly Newsletter - February 2020

We Do Grants and a Whole Lot More

I often think of the work we do in GDCP as a combination of heart and head. Grant writing, program development, budget creation, and the management of grant-funded programs requires a lot of analytical skills, but that is only part of what we do and how we operate. We also oversee The Lion's Den de-escalation rooms (and amazing Teaching Assistants) at the four elementary schools and Emmet Belknap, and help the District move toward a more Trauma Sensitive and Restorative approach District-wide. Building community partnerships that provide services for students and families is another way we use our heart, while developing more efficient and effective systems for communication and data collection and usage have us using our heads every day.

Education, and especially teaching, requires the combined power of heart and head - and when they are both fully activated we have the power to change lives. February seems like a great month to remember the importance of our heart/head potential and of tapping into our compassion, for ourselves, and others. See you in Spring!

School Based Development

Starting in January GDCP began visiting schools to present the School Based Development process to building-based staff.Through this process GDCP can provide those interested in pursuing grant funding for classroom and student projects with support and oversight during the grant writing and management process. If you haven't seen out presentation yet, expect to see Holly Dickinson, Director of GDCP, at your school soon!

The Lion's Den & Second Step

Each K-6 building has a room, staffed by a trained Teaching Assistant, called The Lion's Den. This room, often called a Mindfulness Room or Calming Room in other schools, is a place for students to de-escalate outside of the classroom when they no longer have control over their emotions and/or behaviors. It is also a place for students who exhibit frequent emotional "melt-downs" or disruptive/destructive behaviors to learn skills for identifying their feelings and emotional triggers, and gain strategies to self-manage their emotions and behaviors. Second Step instruction, provided by Lion's Den Teaching Assistants in K-4 and, combined with mental health curriculum, by a PE/Health Teacher in grades 5 & 6, teaches essential social emotional skills - helping students build empathy, including care for self and for others.

Upcoming Grant Opportunities!

Have a project you'd like to do with your class or group? Need additional funds to make it happen? Consider one of these grant opportunities...we are here to help you succeed!

Donor's Choose - quick, easy way to get items you need for your class or group (rolling*)

Bauer Family Foundation (no website) - at-risk youth, education, health, hunger, etc. (rolling)

The Children's Guild Foundation - supports education initiatives (rolling)

Dollar General Literacy Foundation - literacy for youth (opens 2/27/20)

The Baird Foundation (no website) - arts, youth, education, health, & the environment (rolling)

The Tower Foundation - students with intellectual or learning disabilities, and mental health programs (next cycle begins in April)

*accepting applications/letters of interest at anytime during the fiscal year

Want to Learn More About Trauma Sensitive and Restorative Practices?

Peachjar & Community Organizations

LCSD works with community organizations to make information about activities and enrichment opportunities available to families. We cooperate with approved community partners by posting eflyers online and distributing them electronically.

Grants and District / Community Programs

Pride in our Past...Faith in our Future

Holly Dickinson, Director