Laser Engraved Glass

Abode Illustrator and Laser Engraver


For this project we are to create a design that corresponds with a seasonal event. The design will then be engraved or cut on to an object of your choice. For my project I chose the theme of mothers day and engraved my design on to a glass panel and framed it.


This project would be desirable to those wishing to get their mothers something for mothers day. It holds the themes of family and love which correspond well with Mothers day. Any one wishing to do something special for their mothers would benefit from buying this product,

Price: $3.00


One obstacle I ran into was with the laser engraver. When running test a couple portions of my design didn't print. In order to combat this we discovered that rubbing dish soap over the glass then placing a damp paper towel over it would make the design more clear. The design ended up turning out very well besides a line going through the middle where the paper towel dried up.


I am very proud of this project because it is completely original and nothing is image traced. I feel that I accomplish a lot with this project and creating a completely original design that looks professional felt like a great success. I also learned a lot about how laser engravers worked and how to operate them from this project from reading the manual for the Epilog laser engraver after school with Mrs. Reinhardt.