Saw, Sawing

Tokyo, Japan

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Background history

The saw, sawing was Oldenburg's first work of art in tokyo. He made this piece for the grounds of the tokyo International Exhibition Center. This art piece called the saw stands 50 feet into the air. The saw was commissioned by the tokyo metropolitition government in 1995 and was installed in march of 1996. The saw was made with mainly steel, epoxy resin, and fiber-rienforced plastic.

Artist Thoughts

Claes and Coosje were thinking about the surrounding buildings and people. They built it high enough so that the people could see the saw from the plaza. The red and blue handle brings out color to the all grey plaza. They were hoping that people would start to think about the new technologies from the new style of saw.
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My opinion

This piece is an awesome piece of art. I think it is unique because the people have never seen this type of saw. This style of saw can spark new ideas to peoples minds in japan. It brings out colors to the plaza and brings excitement to the people in the plaza. The massive sculpture catches the citizens eyes and gets them thinking and takes there mind off of the stressful life.
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