Weekly Update

From the Desk of the Principal

January 27 2023

Dear Masco Middle School Families,

While we were firmly in the grips of winter earlier this week with the snow that we received, I only see a few small piles around campus after the warm up and rain. It has been quite a back and forth of weather events! I will refrain from making any comment about snow days because I don't want to jinx anything!

Mr. Monagle and I will be holding class meetings next week as a mid year check in with students. We will be reaffirming our commitment to promoting a Culture of Kindness in the building while also reminding students of the expectations for M-Block.

Please see below for this week's updates and some fun pictures!

Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, February 14, - MS Jazz Concert
  • Monday, February 20-25- February Vacation- No School

MS Math Team

The Middle School Math Team scored another impressive win this week. They dominated in the Mystery, Arithmetic, and Team Rounds. High scorers were 8th grader Kieran Kilmer and 7th grader Mary Donnellan.

Tri-Town Council

Please click here for an update from TTC.

Global School Play Day - Wednesday, Feb. 1; 1:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Middle-school youth can stay after school and play with friends in the gym. Hosted by Tri-Town Council and high-school youth leaders in recognition of the importance of unstructured play — for every age! Youth will need to be picked up at the end of the event at 3:00pm.

Please register here: https://forms.gle/qjWkERMkuuQxHPTR6

Library Update

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Phil McManus


Philip B. McManus, Ed.D.


Mission Statement

Masconomet Middle School will prepare all students to succeed academically in middle school, high school and beyond, as well as to be responsible, productive citizens in a technology-centric and global community.

Winter Birches - Ms. Amsler's 7 White Art

Students used masking tape to “draw” our trees, tearing and cutting the tape to shape our trunks and branches on white watercolor paper.

Students then completed a painting exercise, learning four distinct techniques that include blending wet areas of paint and using salt and plastic wrap to create textures in the wet paint.

After choosing what techniques and colors to use from our practice painting exercise, we painted our ground and sky to suggest a snowy wilderness, right over the tape. The next day we peeled the tape off to reveal pure white trees!

They used a black colored pencil to add bark texture and small branches and also added a pale shadow with watercolor to give form to the trees. Every student also added personal touches, such as footprints in the snow, a fence, cast shadows, etc.

Lego Excels