My True Colors

Curtis Bauer 2nd Hour



The quiz was surprisingly accurate in this department. I do find it hard and to learn before I respect my teachers. I also did appear older than my classmates in terms of intelligence and maturity.


The quiz was right here too. I do let head rule my heart. I Hate repetition and I get a little weird when my emotions rule me.


Most of this stuff was true too. I am an independant. I don't really like being constantly challenged but I do leave ideas once I have perfected it.


All of the stuff was right about this. I do expect competence, and intelligence. I like change for improvement and I like to find out how to improve the system. I hold people to follow through with whatever they are doing.

Bad Days

Bad Days was especially accurate. I am indecisive, I am uncooperative and use sarcasm a lot. I also have a lot of anxiety.