Jaylin Munoz

5th grader

All about me

  • I am in 5th grade in Joy James. I live in Fort Worth , TX. I have been living in Texas for five years now I used to live in Oaklahoma in a small city. In my family my mom is Mexican so that makes me half Mexican. I was born in Fort Worth ,TX at a hostpital named JPS. I have two sisters and one brother my brother is 19 and my sister is 17 and my other sister is five months old . I also have a stepbrother and a stepsister my stepbrother is a few months younger than me and my stepsister is eleven.Sometimes when I'm bored I draw because my favorite activity is to draw. Also one other thing about me is that almost every eight days I visit my dad in Arlington he lives with my aunt and and me and my sister stay there for at least three days. That is all I have to share about myself.