Welcome to Beautycounter!!!

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I am beyond thrilled to officially welcome you to the Beautycounter team! We are so excited to have you join us on this journey. I want to assure you that I want to help you get off to an amazing start. There is A LOT of information to absorb, and we certainly don't want to overwhelm you! I recommend that you save this email to refer back to when you're looking for some help. This newsletter shouldn't replace the research you do in Behind The Counter because reading everything that is posted under Tools is very helpful. So, take it day by day, but get acquainted with what we have there so far. Also, don't feel like you need to know everything to get started!!

Let's Dig In...

1. Your first assignment is to login Behind The Counter (BTC) www.behindthecounter.beautycounter.com

Go To Tools - Getting Started - Your First 30 Days

Read 30 Day Action Plan, and New Consultant Training Guide

2. Join the live New Consultant Call on Monday night or listen to the recording

(recorded call information here)

3. Read our Welcome Team Truth & Transparency Newsletter


4. Visit our Team Website www.mybeautycounterbiz.com

Login: BC Password: BC

5. Pick two dates in the next couple weeks that will work as options for me to help do your Business Launch Social.

Write down any questions you have to ask at our next Business Strategy Meeting.

Once you have gone through those five items - I want to schedule a time to strategize your business! Book Me

Beautycounter's Second Anniversary

Start Counting Incentive...

Our amazing compensation plan is our best reward, however, incentives are fun too! Not to mention they are setup to benefit people who achieve because they will be building momentum for their business that will keep them going forward.
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Stay Connected...

There are three Facebook Group Pages that I will be adding you to.

Business Tips BC Team Truth & Transparency

Kudos and Welcome: BC Team Truth & Transparency

Team LCH: This page is for all consultants whose upline Founding Member is Leah Huxtable

Your Leadership Team

You are all on Team Truth & Transparency. Our Managing Director, Laura Stenovec, is a direct report to the Home Office so we are all considered on her team. In your mentorship line to Laura, starting from Laura down, goes Jen Schultz (Managing Director/Founding Member), Britta Ferrell (Executive Director/Founding Member), Leah Huxtable (Executive Director/Founding Member). You have a very strong, and I think, fabulous leadership team, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out and USE US!!!

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Consultant Calls and Recordings

Headquarter calls: Please reference the Home Office Newsletter that is sent out weekly for updated call schedules. I recommend putting a reminder into your phone about these calls so that if you are available you can jump on and listen... they are alwasys filled with great info about what is currently going on in the company!

Team calls:

There is a weekly New Consultant Training call done by the leaders of our team. We all rotate the call, but you will alwasy get an experienced leader and it would be beneficial to listen to different ones on different weeks because each of us has a unique style and info to give... Call in info:

Behind the Counter (BTC): Go under "Calls" to listen to all the Home Office's previously recorded calls. Super helpful as your cooking dinner or getting other things done!

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