Transgenic Animals

By: Jordan and Ben

What are transgenic animals?

Transgenic animals are animals that are genetically modified animals that change the animals genes. For example if someone takes a gene from another animal and puts it in a cow, it could change the speed it grows or the amount of beef that cow produces.

First transgenic animal declared “safe to eat” by FDA

A genetically engineered salmon was the first transgenic animal that was approved to eat. It is supposed to also be safe for the environment but it took 17 years to be approved by the FDA. The salmon is a normal Atlantic salmon that now has genes from a Chinook salmon and an ocean pout. The salmon now grows to market size in 18 months instead of 3 years.

Careers relating to transgenic animals

  • Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Farmer
  • Researcher
  • Engineer

Pros of transgenic animals

  • help create new medicines
  • help people with diabetes by producing insulin
  • help people that need gene therapy

Cons of transgenic animals

  • changing the way animals were meant to be
  • scientists don't always no what could happen by modifying and animal
  • It could possibly help us but hurt the animals
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