Hero project

By Noah Burfield

About Joe

Joe was one of the nicest men you would have ever met. If he saw a random person struggling with groceries, he would halt what he was doing to help them. He was a butcher in Ireland for a very long time, meeting his wife there. Although I never met my grandpa, all the stories and pictures help me understand that he was an extremely generous and kind person.
What is a hero?

An essay about my personal hero and what my deffinition of a hero is.

My interview

My edited interview to highlight a specific part that I believe is more important than the rest.

There but not seen

A paper about how all kinds of heroes have some of the same traits that make them a hero.

To adopt, or not to adopt, that is the question

A paper all about what is wrong with adoption

Trough the eyes of bread

A story about my grandparents first date as if you were bread at the dinner table.

My Uncut interview

The full interview with my mom about my grandpa.

All of my sources

These are all of the sources from all of my papers combined.