Friday Focus

From the desk of Christopher J. Blake

Carroll Elementary School believes that by fostering a positive, safe and secure learning environment that includes a comprehensive curriculum and involvement of all stakeholders, all students will be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.

Message for the Week

The past weeks have been very busy as we've prepared our students for the upcoming STAAR testing next week. As you know, 3rd and 4th graders will take the STAAR Math test Monday, May 9 and the STAAR Reading test Tuesday, May 10. Our 5th graders will take the STAAR Science test on Wednesday, May 11. SSI 5th grade students will retest on Monday and Tuesday, as well.

I ask that you take time to have a motivational talk with your students before they leave for the weekend. Students need to know that this test is about applying themselves to go to the next level. Share a personal story about your life that the students might associate with...a test in life you've experienced, or an obstacle that you faced and how it made you a better, stronger person. Also, remind them of the progress they have made and the goals they have set for themselves. Likewise, let them know that now, more than ever, is the time to focus. Let them know that this test is a great opportunity to prove themselves to their selves! Remind them that with the right mindset, nothing will stop their ability to be successful. Do they need a "Good luck!"? Absolutely not! They need to know that if they put into practice what they have worked hard for all year long...nothing...absolutely nothing...will stand in their way!!!

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Carroll News

  • STAAR testing begins Monday for grades 3-4 (and 5th grade retesters) and Wednesday for grade 5.
  • The campus with the largest number of parent surveys completed will be treated to a pizza lunch! Let's make that campus Carroll Elementary!!! Encourage your students to have their parents complete the survey.
  • This is the last month to go shop at the Houston Food Bank-Teacher Store. Please don’t forget to sign up online prior to your visit!! Individual teachers may register by visiting

  • There will be a Rep Council meeting Thursday, May 12 at 4 PM in the library.
  • Sheldon ECA will visit Carroll Elementary Friday, May 13, so please be sure to welcome our incoming first graders!
  • The Aspiring Leadership Institute will hold its final full day session Friday, May 13.
  • Plan NOW!!! Our summer CHAMPS training at Carroll Elementary will be July 11 and 12 from 8 AM to 4 PM. Please make plans to attend!!!
  • As a reminder, college shirts and dress slacks are allowed every Monday. Additionally, college shirts may be worn with jeans on Fridays. Carroll shirts and educational shirts are allowed on Fridays, as well.

Parting Thought

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill