Science & Social Studies

October 28 - November 1

"Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.." -Brad Henry

Weighty Word of the Week

FLIPPANT- not showing a serious or respectful attitude

"As small as it may seem, a good deed is always worth doing." -Spark Matsunaga

Red Ribbon Week

This year's Red Ribbon Week was a huge success!! So many of the students teamed up against drugs wearing their favorite jerseys on Monday! The future was bright without drugs and so was our school on Tuesday with all the crazy neon colors and socks! On Wednesday, we dressed for college success before showing off our superhero powers on Thursday. Friday was an awesome day featuring our sea of red at the spirit rally as we showed our commitment to being DRUG FREE!

The Week in Review

This past week our learners finished the first nine weeks with a lot of different things happening. Red Ribbon Week, Spirit Rally, and so many different schedules!

Early in the week we watched isopods (rollie pollies) and darkling beetles in our self-made habitats as we learned about environmental preferences.

We can't forget our terrariums though! Some of our groups are growing jungles of plants! Over the last week our learners made two official observations in their science journal where they illustrated, described, measured, and examined their terrariums with their group.

On Friday, we made the water cycle in a ziploc bag, and on Monday we will be observing what happened to these bags over the weekend in relation to the water cycle.

On Deck: Science

This week we will finish our learning about the water cycle and how we have seen it working in our terrariums. We will also begin our learning of food chains and the nitrogen cycle.

On Deck: Social Studies

This week our students will begin work on a small project with a group where they will research and become an expert on one of the colonies. The group members will each have roles and play an important job in making this project successful in order to help convince the class they should live in the colony. As the research is being completed, the key figures of the era will be identified and discussed.

New Friends

When students arrive at school on Monday they will notice that our classroom now has a few more guests than it did when they left on Friday. C105 is now home to 6 fish which will be staying and hanging out with us all year. I will introduce them here, and their pictures are below. Apollo is a beautiful Sunburst Platy. Flick is a yellow guppy, and he has enough energy to run the tank by himself. If you ever want to know where Flick is, just find Apollo, because Flick enjoys following Apollo wherever he goes. Nyx is a Dalmatian Molly who gets along with everyone in the tank, but enjoys doing his own thing. Our aquarium also has three Ghost Catfish, who collectively are called the "Ops Crew." These incredible creatures are clear in color, and you can see straight through them. Together, the Operations Crew manages the tank and spend most of the day hanging out in the shadows of the rocks.

**Notes From Our Room Mom**

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Class Wish List

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