Comparing Portugal and Madagascar

By: Cory Hawk & Jon Kleinhenz


  • Current population of Portugal is 10.46 million people.
  • There are more males then females and the biggest age group is 35-39.
  • There current life expectancy is 80 years old.
  • The majority of the population live in urban cities.
  • The population has barely changed since 2005. The projected population by 2025 is 10,356,000.
  • Portugal has a medium risk of food security problems.
  • Both public and private health care are available.
  • The Ageing of Europe also known as the greying of Europe is characterized by a decrease in fertility, a decrease in mortality rate, and a higher life expectancy.
  • Air and water pollution are significant problems in Portugal at the moment. There nations water supply in coastal areas are threaten by oil and cellulose industries.


  • The current population in Madagascar is 22.92 million.
  • There are a lot of younger people and not many older people and the female/male ratio is about even.
  • The current life expectancy is 64 years old.
  • Majority of the people live in rural areas of Madagascar.
  • Madagascar has experienced steady population growth throughout the 20th century.
  • The expected population will reach 31 million by 2025.
  • Food insecurity is common in the south due to a generally dry environment as well as prolonged droughts. It is seasonal in the east due to flooding by cyclonic rain. Locust infestation also plays a significant role in crop destruction which discourages farmers into further production.
  • Families have low wages and children get sick because lack of food and the families can't afford to pay to get them better.
  • High food or water borne diseases, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever are very common in Madagascar, and about 140,000 people have HIV/AIDS.
  • They suffer environmental degradation over a significant part of its land mass. Forests that once blanketed the eastern third of the island have now been degraded.

Portugal-Madagascar differences

These two countries are very different. Madagascar's population is twice the size of Portugal's. Madagascar's population expected to keep growing and Portugal's population expected to stay the same. The life expectancy of Portugal is about 16 years higher then Madagascar. Majority of people in Portugal live in urban areas and in Madagascar people live in rural areas.