Family Newsletter- January 2021

SCHOOL BEGINS AT 7:45 AM; Breakfast: 7:20-7:50

School News

Upcoming Events:

January 3: School Resumes/ Quarter 3 Begins

January 7: Report Cards go Home

January 10: NO SCHOOL- Staff Professional Development Day

January 12: Grade-Level Parent Meetings- 2:30-3:00 (in-person/virtual)

January 12: Conferences- 3:30-5:30 (in-person/virtual)

January 14: HS Parent Informational Session- 12:45 (virtual)

January 17: NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 19: (Tentative) Jets Club Parent Meeting

January 19: LSDMC Meeting- 4:00 (virtual)

January 21: ILT Meeting- 7:15 am (virtual)

Staff Articles:

First Grade

A big, happy new year to all of our Evanston Academy families! The Kindergarteners from Room 1028 have been busy little people the first two quarters. We participate in daily reading labs to help us develop stronger reading and spelling skills. We are learning how to form complete sentences with correct punctuation marks. We are working on how to add numbers together to create a total sum up to ten. We can complete bar graphs by collecting and counting data. We continue to research different animals and build units of animal studies including the polar bear and penguin. January features more opportunities for us to strive to be strong citizens and to offer others random acts of kindness. We can fill others up by our kind words and positive actions. Every Friday we have been working as a team with our friends from Miss Larkins’ Kindergarten homeroom to complete STEAM projects which feature Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Our Kinders may be small, but we are working on the big idea of being successful leaders in our school. Fondly, Mrs. Turner




Some students love reading, but other children find it difficult—or just plain boring. Many young children struggle with reading, whether it’s because they are missing foundational skills or they have trouble sitting down with a book for longer periods of time.

There are a number of ways you can make reading more enjoyable for your child instead of frustrating, and they may develop that love of reading that will last a lifetime!

Pick the right books

Making reading fun starts with selecting a book your child will enjoy reading. Ask your child what kinds of stories he or she likes reading best (Adventure? Fantasy?), or that are related to his or her interests—whether it’s sports, animals, dinosaurs, or something else
Read aloud
Take turns reading aloud with your child. Make the story more fun by using different voices for each character and an expressive voice for dramatic parts.
Act out the story
Help your child bring some extra excitement to reading by using his or her imagination. Have your child draw pictures of what he or she is reading, act out the scene, or make up alternate endings.
Encourage all forms of reading
Reading doesn’t always have to mean picking up a book. Magazines, graphic novels, and newspapers are other great reading materials that feel less like “work” to your child—but they still help your child practice and improve his or her reading skills.
Create a reading space
Make a reading area or fort where your child can read and relax on his or her own, then add blankets, pillows, and a variety of books too.
Make connections between books and life
Make connections between what your child is reading and your child’s own experience. Read adventure books before you take a camping trip, dinosaur books before you visit a museum, and so on. This will help make reading (and learning) more exciting for your child.
Listen to Audiobooks
For children who find reading frustrating, audiobooks, or listening to stories on the computer, are a great alternative to help make reading more enjoyable—while still helping your child improve his or her comprehension skills.
Have “reading hour”
Each day, schedule reading time for your child to sit down and read a chapter of a book. During this time, talk to your child about what is happening in the book, what his or her favorite part was, and what he or she thinks will happen next.
Take a trip to the library
The library is a great resource where your child can find lots of books to read. Take advantage of the different activities and programs offered at the library that may get your child excited about reading.
Teach reading strategies
Many children dislike reading simply because they don’t have the necessary reading skills. If your child avoids opening a book at all costs, talk to his or her teacher about strategies to help develop reading motivation. Once you have some tips to try, work with your child to build reading motivation together.

School News:

Basketball Schedule

Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, we are postponing the first game. We will send an update on Tuesday to inform all Basketball families of the updated schedule.

Important Notes for Games:

  • 2 spectators per player per game
  • $2 per game for adults
  • Mandatory masks

Parent Committees

Interested in getting involved with our parent groups? Please read below to learn about the purpose of each group and how you can join.

Instructional Leadership Team (ILT): The ILT sets the instructional focus and makes the instructional decisions for the school. The team is composed of the principal, two parent representatives, two non-teaching staff members, and teachers. ILT meets virtually twice a month on the third Friday at 7:15 am, and as needed.

Jets Parent Committee: The Jets Parent Committee offers the space for parents to share and discuss their thoughts and hopes for Evanston Academy. This meeting is held virtually and in-person.

Local School Decision Making Committee: The LSDMC is the primary governing body for each school in the district. This committee gives insight and input into important decisions that greatly impact students' lives and shape their educational experiences. The committee is composed of parents, teachers, staff members, and community members. The LSDMC meets 9 times each year. The LSDMC meets virtually 9 times per year at 4:00 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

District News:

In-Person/Distance Learning

As of today, we will continue with in-person learning. However, it is possible that classrooms, grade bands or entire schools may shift to Distance Learning quickly. In order to be prepared for this potential change, starting tomorrow, students will bring their devices, and possibly workbooks, home with them daily. Please ensure students return with their electronic device and charger the next day. By the end of day Monday, January 10th, your child's teacher will communicate their schedule and log-on information. (All of which will also be posted in Schoology.) If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher next week.

Safety Reminders:

● Stay home if feeling sick and call your child’s school nurse

● Arrive to school wearing a mask

● Wash hands frequently

● Maintain 3-feet minimum social distancing

● Don’t share food or drinks

● Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing when not wearing a mask

● Wash face mask daily

High School Lottery

The High School of Choice Lottery will run December 7, 2021-March 11, 2022. Parents can start selecting the top 3 choices online via PowerSchool starting December 7th. Please go to https://powerschool.cps-k12.org/public to access. Must have your students' PowerSchool ID number to access. Questions? Please attend our parent informational session on January 14th at 12:45 pm. Can't attend? Please contact Mrs. Summerlin and read documents below for more information.

Severe Weather Procedures

At Cincinnati Public Schools, we want to make sure our students and staff are safe when severe weather or extreme temperatures occur, while maximizing students' time in class.

CPS may close for snow, or for extreme cold or hot temperatures.

When severe weather is predicted, parents should check the CPS website, cps-k12.org, or local television or radio stations, for announcements about school closings or delays.

CPS rarely will dismiss schools early, but it does happen occasionally. Please make sure your child's school office has correct emergency contact information.

We know that start delays and no-school days for snow or extreme temperatures represent an inconvenience to parents, so we do our best to declare them only when necessary.

Schools Closed —

  • Decisions to close schools are made only after analyzing much data and consulting various authorities.
  • After reviewing all information available, the superintendent consults with senior staff, bus company operators and City of Cincinnati road maintenance authorities, and makes a decision as soon as possible (usually by 5 a.m.).

Two-Hour Delay — Yellow Bus Pick Up ONLY:

  • Yellow buses will pick up students at morning bus stops two hours later than normal.
  • Students who are driven to school by parents should try to arrive at schools when it is safe. Walkers should arrive when it is safe. No new material will be covered during the two-hour delayed start; teachers will use this opportunity for review and enrichment.
  • Afternoon dismissal will occur at each school's normal time.
  • No preschool bus service will be available.

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