The Planet Earth

Your Travel Guide to Earth BY: Gage Rahl

The Places You Should Go

Redwood Forests of Washington, U.S.A

Great Lakes of Michigan,U.S.A

Appalachian Mountains Western ,U.S.A

Packing list

You Should Bring

a shelter that will stand in weather like rain and snow .Food that wont rot so you can stay here for a while.Clothes to stay warm and also stay dry.

if you have one bring a boat to cruise around on the lakes. food and drinks to stay hidrated

We Have Regionalized The World Many Ways

  1. Political because some country's might try to kill you
  2. Climate : be careful you could get caught in a storm
  3. Continent:you could land in a different continent other than the americas
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things these physical features provide humans

great lakes : the provide fish to eat and recreational

mountains:the provide streams for water and