My favorite book of 2013

The adventures of my books

My book The Postard

The book I choose is "The Postcard" I choose it because it seemed the most interesting to me it mostly symbolized me. The setting was in the late 2001 when 9-11 happened somewhat around there. It was in California and he was born and raised there. The biggest plot was that he never went outside and he was a couch potato and his parents had enough. He mostly struggled to find a sport and he tried out for almost all his school sports and only one was right for him. The characters in the book were mostly his dad and mom he had no sister and he only had two other friends Ben and Ashley. His heart was torn at the beginning because his grandmother died.


Getting to Know Jason

Jason was a lost kid lots of times he was board and had nothing to do and he would just end up eating all the food in his house. He did take a trip to go to his grandmothers funeral which just made him sad. He went out with his friends to try and have some fun but when he tried snowboarding with them it made it worse. There was a bully and when Jason messed up the bully picked on him. Then when he tried to redeem himself he only made it crazy everyone was laughing at him when he messed up again. He stopped that sport immediately and tried elsewhere. After all the sports he tried out for he failed them all except for one, Mountain Biking.

Jasons Sport

When he was about to give up on all find of the search he asked his dad and his dad said " Think about your childhood what where you good at". When it struck him Mountain Biking he said and the next day at school he went to the office and asked is there a mountain Bike club and the principal said yes there is they meet right after school at the football field. He went and there was no one there except for the leader which was a girl and he asked where are all the people she said its supposed to rain and she asked him would you like to try out meet back here tomorrow with a bike. With thinking he said I don't have a bike she said got to the corner bike store the have good bikes. when he asked his dad and he said no remember your other bike and Jason said but that one is rusty and all bent out of shape but he had to use it. When it was his first race his dad got him a new bike and he loved it and he won. He was racing like a true king.


Why you should read this book

My overall conclusion of this book is a ten out of ten its the best book Ive ever read. It could relate to you to are you someone who struggles and cant find a sport, well then maybe this book can help you find something fun in your spare time. It helped me find the sport I love basketball and it can help you. I also think this book can help you a long the way with maybe getting pro at your sport. It might even accomplish your dream and to not stop until all the needs of your goal is achieved and you are happy. That is my overall conclusion of this book and why you should read it.

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