Computer engineering

By Jakub Mistak

Career Research

The description Is people fixing computers and engineering it and finding out what part does what. The daily tasks and responsibilities like Finding out the peaces for the computer, and programming computers. Also the education and training is like you need to be in college for 4 years. Preferred job skill like knowing the computers insides and how is works. The average starting for middle pay is 60,000 then better 120,000. Work environment like big office or something.

High school preparation

Related courses at Leyden, at leyden there are two classes that will help you get the job like video game Design and programming this classes will help you becuase you will learn about something you like on the computers.

Extra-Curricular activities

1.The Computer Club is for any student interested in computer technology.

2.The Video Game Club is the club for you if you enjoy playing Nintendo-64 and Playstation games.

Work and/or volunteer experience I would volunteer to fix my family computers.

After high school

There related college majors like computer programming. You have to do is training programs or certificate courses like TSI . There are many colleges you can go for computer engineering, like university of Illinois in Urbana, university of illinois in chicago

in Chicago, Triron is in river grove. so this are good place you can go to be a computer engineer.