VCR Lesson 3

Rebecca Iyoob

Fill in the Blank

Danny had a huge meltdown in the mall when his mother would not buy him a toy, so he was grounded for his __________ behavior.

The Word

Egregious (adj.)

Extraordinarily bad; flagrant


Grex, Gregis (L.) "flock," "herd," "crowd"

The word was originally described as remarkably good.

The Latin word egregius meant "outstanding," "illustrious" from e-, es- "out of," "from."

Related Forms

Egregiously (adv.)

Egregiousness (n.)


  • Atrocious
  • Deplorable
  • Grievous
  • Shocking


  • Concealed
  • Good
  • Mild
  • Hidden


Jacky - Kramer The coffee

Choose the sentence in which the word is used incorrectly

A) The company made an egregious mistake when they mixed up orders in their warehouse and sent their customers the incorrect products.

B) My day was made egregious when everything at work went as planned, and all of my meetings were successful.

C) Tom made up an egregious lie to tell his parents when they caught him sneaking out of the house, but his parents knew he was lying.

D) Lucy apologized for her egregious behavior as a child because of her many tantrums and arguments with her parents.

The correct answer is B. The sentence is describing something good, which is the opposite of egregious.