The American Dream

By: Mya, Victoria, and Dawson

What is the American Dream?

A unitary definition does not exist- the American dream probably has a different meaning to every citizen, depending on the goals and dreams of that person.

The American Dream during the Great Depression

The depression changed the atmosphere and the way the people felt and dreamed. Their mindsets of wanting to become famous and have the white picket fence home went out the window. They began dreaming of trying to find jobs, buy food for their families, and get the economy back on track. The times went from "get rich quick" to we need to get the economy back on track so people can stop suffering from the hardships.

Do people still strive for the American dream?

Today the American dream is still alive, it still depends on the person but it seems we have more people looking for ways to make life easier. We have inventors to help the sick and cripple, we have scientist and engineers trying to create things to help us with everyday task, we also have people who are looking to make the economy better and help the people. Everyone's American dream is different some simpler than others but we need this to help the world go around.