Are you and your students in the dark like these folks?

This time of year is a good time to schedule classes with me so you and your students are no longer in the dark about Office 365/One Drive. If your classes are working on projects that will require saving, working from home, or working with a partner/team, Office 365 and One Drive may be for you.

Help and answers to your questions!

I am willing to come to your classroom, (or you can reserve the library space), and hold 30-40 minute classes about Office 365/One Drive. All you have to do is ask. Please dial X6029 or contact me at We can work out a day and time when the library computers/laptops are available and your class is ready to go;


go to and fill out the "Library Space and Technology Reservation Form". I will be in touch with a confirmation email to finalize the date.

Are you familiar with our databases?

The MSHS Library website has an array of databases that you and your students are welcome to use. They are free and so much better than just searching google or wikipedia. If you'd like me to spend time with your classes, explaining why and how to use databases, where to find safe images to use without having to ask permission from the copyright owner, or how to log in and search a database, please contact me.

Time, or lack of it, is the main reason to use databases for students and staff, followed by reliable content, search tools, and better information.

New This Year!

Are you into science? Have you been waiting breathlessly for new databases just for you?

Well, the library has them! And, man, are they awesome! Rosen Biology, Rosen Chemistry and Rosen Periodic Table are now available for science classes! Please contact me about usernames and passwords and get your classes started using these exciting new databases, focusing on the world of Science!

Feeling Left Out?

The MSHS Library has other databases. EbscoHost, Britannica School and Britannica Image Quest, American and Modern World History Online, Rosen Digital Literacy, and Issues and Controversies, which covers all the hot topics of the day, are all accessible from school and home.

There is an ebook collection and tons of interesting and useful information on our library website page for students and staff!