Bucket List

Top 10 things I want to do before I die

#1 Make a Difference in Someone's Life

The #1 goal I have for myself is to make a difference in someone's life. Whether it be a simple act of kindness or words of encouragement, nothing would make me happier.

#2 Discover my Life's Purpose

I've struggled to discover my purpose in life, because I'm so indecisive about my career choice. I have many talents and its hard to determine which one i shall go with. For college I have decided to major in Nurse Administration, and minor in business. God will ultimately plan what i will do, but if it is his will that is my plan.

#3 Get back in shape

I ran track for 5 years. During this time I was in shape and a healthy eater. When I had to make the decision of starting drivers ed or stay in track, I chose to get my license. It was a hard choice to make, but since I hated riding the bus; it was ultimately the best decision I made. But the only negative aspect was, becoming lazy and gaining weight. When I get old, I want to be in the best shape of my life, so I need to start working out agian!!!
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#4 Stop Procrastinating

I have a really bad habit of procrastinating, which results in a lot of time wasted. From school work, to chores around the house, I find any and every excuse to push a task aside, and end up never completing it. In order to overcome procrastination, I need to make better use of my time, and get my priorities in order.

#5 Attend the Summer Olympics

It takes hard work and talent to participate in the Olympics, that's why its such a big deal. Held every 4 years, the Olympics is an event in which thousands of athletes from all over the world compete to be known as the best! Before I die I want to attend the Summer Olympics to witness all of the excitement and thrill that each event has. (especially gymnastics, and track and field)

-2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

-2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

#6 Go Paragliding

Paragliding seems like a lot of fun, and even though I am afraid of heights, it would be both risky and scary!!!

#7 Do a Color Run

Running is an activity that allows me to forget all my problems and worries, and since the color run is known as "the happiest 5k on the planet," it would be an exciting way to exercise but still have fun.
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#8 Travel Around the USA

I love to travel so before I die, I will travel to all 50 states and buy a similar souvenir from each place.

#9 See the Northern Lights

Nothing is more beautiful than the Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis. Aurora displays appear in many colors and shades, such green, pink, red, yellow, blue, and violet. The best place to see the lights are in North America!!! So Canada here I come!!!

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#10 Ride in my Dream Car

My dream car is the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster.

Country of Origin: Italy
Engine: 750-hp, 6.5-liter, 12-cylinder
0-62 mph: 2.9 seconds
Starting price: $4.5 million
Lamborghini says it plans to build only nine copies of the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster in 2014.

**Top speed is 221 mph.

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