American Government

By Bridgitte and Molly

Republic and Representative Democracy

A republic is a form of government based on written laws and where citizens hold the power to elect their leaders. A representative democracy is officials are elected to speak on citizens behalf. These came from the same idea which is government by the people.

Tripartite Government

This is a government with three parts. In America the three parts are the legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch. In Rome, they were assembly, magistrates, and the roman senate.

Checks and Balances

The system of checks and balances is used to keep the government from getting too powerful in one branch. For example, the Executive Branch can veto bills from the Legislative Branch, but the Legislative Branch can override the veto.

Civic Duty

This is the responsibility that citizens have to participate in political issues. They must vote and partake in civic activities.

Civil Law

This is the written law that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the citizens and the government. Ancient Rome's version was called the Twelve Tables the Unites States version is called the Constitution.

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