Mary, Zell, Noah, KawKhu


Egyptian civilization began when King Menes founded the first Egyptian dynasty and then Egypt thrived from then on due to amazing builders, and rulers. Due to the Nile River they could survive through famine and drought bringing rich soils and wet lands. Cleopatra was a great ruler and queen who got help from other great rulers like Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

Noah Pettee Archaeologist eighth period

Ancient Egyptians were known for the stuff they had/invented. Some examples of that are pyramids, mummies, and the Rosetta Stone. Some tools that the Egyptians thought were important were tools like the hook to pull the brain out the nose for mummification. It was shaped like a Shepherds staff and was pointed at the end. Some other important tools/ inventions were the Pharaoh's staff.Statues of the gods and royal people were important to worship and to sacrifice to. Ancient Egypt has affected us today with their inventions and building style. Egypt's inventions have basically shaped how we build things today. Also their religion is so fascinating many studies have been based on it. How Egyptian mythology has explained how they live is how a god named Nut which means dark waters had a mound of sand come out named Atum burst out covering the water which explains their low rainfall and water levels and the sand in Egypt. Then Atum spat out the gods of air and moisture which had children earth and sky.

KawKhu Htoo Geographer eighth period

The Ancient Egyptians were located in the continent of Africa near Libya, Sudan, and Israel. The Egyptians lived near the Nile River which provided them with rich soil for farmers to grow crops and provided them with water to drink and use it for lots of things like washing clothes, bathing, and to spear fish. The salt water helps the sea weed taste better and to have more protein in it for them to grow up. The natural resource they us was the Nile River, again it provided them with many things some people called it the source of life because it help them to survive and also the desert near the Nile River also help them from foreign intruders. Because of the Nile River Egypt was lucky because in winter it's rough but the Nile River help harvest food in winter.

Zell Hoole Historian eighth period

The Nile River made life easier in Ancient Egypt possible. It gave me the Egyptians rich soils and water to water their plants and to drink. With the soil being rich it gave the Egyptians more and better food. Cleopatra was a famous queen of Egypt. She was important because she wanted to make Egypt more powerful. To do so she got help from Julius Ceasor and Mark Anthony, both leaders of ancient Rome.

The first Egyptian pyramid was built for Zoser. Then in 1320 BC Hykos raiders moved into the Delta and introduced the Egyptians to the chariot. From 1539 through 1075 BC the Egyptians developed a permanent army. The Nubians conquer Egypt. Also the Persians conquer Egypt in 532 Bc.

Mary Conley - Anthropologist - 8th period

People in Ancient Egypt each worshiped a certain god or goddess. When they needed help, they would pray to their god or goddess and ask for guidance. Many Egyptians carried or wore amulets. Amulets were charms that were believed to protect from evil. Some amulets had symbols of the gods. The Ancient Egyptians believed strongly in life after death. When a person died, one of the ways they were prepared for burial was having the dead persons internal organs removed and put in canopic jars. Canopic jars were each designed for a certain organ. The lid of the jar was made to look like the head of the god who protected that pert of the body for the next life. There was Hapy, the protector of the lungs, Duamtef, the protector of the stomach, Qebehseunuef, the protector of the intestines, and Imsety, the protector of the liver. The Ancient Egyptians invented written script. They used scripts to record information. Hieroglyphics were the form of writing used by Ancient Egyptians. Communication of scripts and hieroglyphics was very important to Egyptian civilization. Hieroglyphics were used in events in a persons life. This information was put on the walls of tombs belonging to that person when they die. To learn how to write in hieroglyphics, Ancient Egyptians would go to scribe schools. Reading and Writing were very important in Ancient Egypt. Students would go to scribe school to learn how to lean how to read and write in hieroglyphics to use later in their life. The students would copy many signs and sypmbols until they got approval from their teacher. Sometimes this could take hours.