Fruity New Flavors of Bubblegum!

Juicy, gooey, flavorful, and now with totally new flavors!!!

Chew On This!!

Now our new bubblegum has awesome new flavors! We have pomegranate, cherry, grape, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and a fabulous new Flavors On The Go, which sends lovely fruit flavors down your throat one after the other. Chew on this gum!!!

It's Healthy!!

Chewing this gum will definitely help you get stronger. This gum has no trans fat and does not use artificial sugar. Instead, we use the sugars in the pure fruit juice we put in our gum as our sugar. This little square of chewy delight will have you lifting weights in no time!

Our Fruity Flavors


Our Number One Question

Is it true?! Yup, that's our number one question. The answer is, YES! On the back of every gum packet, you will see the facts. And if it is not true, we offer a full refund.

We Make The Best!

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