Shepard Staff Updates

March 22, 2019

To Do and Thank You

To Do (New):

1. Get ready for data digs.

2. Make sure your personal trade hours are all updated and in MLP. Every staff member scheduled to work on November 19th and April 22nd should have 7.5 personal and 7.5 campus trade hours.

Thank You:
I KNOW there are tons of things to say thank you for, BUT it was a busy week and I forgot to type anything in. PLEASE email me with any thank you's that you would like added in the weekly Smore.

Upcoming Dates

Week of March 25:

March 25:

March 26: Curriculum visit; Dee out AM

March 27: Kristin and Kate out AM at Vertical Cluster Meeting

March 28: CMIT

March 29: Pride rallies; Dee out PM

Week of April 1:

April 1:

April 2: Kate out at Student Management Meeting - AM

April 3: Kristin and Kate out at ILead Meeting - AM

April 4: Data Dig - A; 5:00 - PISD Service Award Dinner at South Fork Ranch; PTA Meeting and First Grade Music Program

April 5:

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