News from K4

September 21-25

What's Happening This Week in K4?




P.E Day

Wednesday: Music


BLUE DAY!! Please dress your child in BLUE clothing today!

P.E Day (wear tennis shoes)



Family Friday Lunch -- students are in the cafeteria at 10:10- I know the office gets really busy. The only thing I can say is try and get their early in order to get through the office on time to eat with your kiddo


Runners Club


September 24th- BLUE DAY!! Please dress your child in BLUE!

Please click the link below to fill out a background check!

What are we learning?

  • Unit: Colors- Focusing on the color BLUE, ELA assessments, Character and Setting
  • Letters: a,b,c,d,e
  • Sight words- Review words and introduce go, the **Practice writing these at home!
  • Math: Writing the numbers 1-6 and counting small groups of objects
  • Science: What is science? and introducing fish!

What can you do at home?

  • First and foremost- practice writing your child's name EVERY NIGHT. I can't beg you to do this enough :)
  • Writing the alphabet letters- capital and lowercase. If you need alphabet paper from me, just ask!
  • Practice writing numbers 1-10
  • Counting to 20 (at least)
  • Tying their shoes by themselves!!!
  • Writing their sight words from the week- I always list the new words in the "next week we will above"
  • Read with your child EVERY night or as much as you can!! Please, please, please!