The Claymore Storm

by Emily Cortez

Whispers of the wind, the cry of the rain, storm. A black van roaming around claymore, filled with five lovely people eating their maccas's. There was Ben, the son of Adam, Aaron, Simon and Tristan.

Ben then see's a toddler in the middle of the road wondering what in the world is this kid doing. Nothing else but wonder in all of their minds. They stop! Ben gets out of the van and slowly walks toward the toddler, the toddler turns around dramatically and Ben relises he was a midget!

The midget offers Ben drugs,then Ben answered with a "No thanks! Get off the road!". Very weirdly the midget tells Ben to get out of Claymore because something is about to happen. Ben keeps silent for one second and asks whats happening, In the most creepy voice possible the midget says "I'll never tell..." and runs away! All of a sudden a bus comes out of no where and loses control, it SWERVES around Ben and SMASHES the black van off the bridge!! A few spread around in the trees of Claymore Springs and the rest stay on the bus and floats down the stream. Ben is lonely left on the bridge and looks down saying " Damn it! My maccas was in there!! "

Ben continues to stare down to Claymore Springs from the top of the bridge and sees this beautiful girl Kelsey and she sees him. It's like love at first sight, nothing is better than that in Claymore these days so its special. He goes to her with nothing more than happiness.

The midget's standing on top of a house near the bridge, watching the spirit of his old druglord boss scare Adam, brother of the midget and Bens dad, Lorenzo. A homeless man asks Simon and Tristan to kill the midget!! The spirit brings Lorenzo and Adam back to the bridge, Lorenzo sees that Ben is safe and is holding Kelseys hand. They were inlove! Simon and Tristan arrives back at the bridge and finds out that the midget, Lorenzo and Adam have put the past behind them. And the van has been fixed and they all go back to their normal Claymore lives they were living, eating maccas.