A Child Called "It"

Dave Pelzer


A child Called "It" is an inspiring true story about a little boy, David. Even though David has brothers he is the outcast of the family and gets treated very differently. He is forced to live in the garage, and only having an old army cot to sleep on. David has chores to do everyday, gets beaten, and is almost starved to death. This book is all about his fight for survival and how he over comes everything he gets put through.

Authors Purpose

"Your mother is never going to hurt you again"

I believe the story A Child Called "IT" was written to prove that know matter what you go through every day, keep fighting to succeed.

Three Concepts

  1. Child Abuse
  2. Staying Strong
  3. Fighting For Survival

Greatest Impression

After David got cut by his mother with a knife.

This section had the greatest impact mainly because he stayed strong. He finished his chores after the "accident", then he had went down stairs to attempt to clean it.

Book Rating

4.5 stars

I rated this book a 4.5, because it kept you interested in what was going to happen next. You wanted to keep reading to find out what will happen to him, if he will survive, ect.


Passage #1

"As I looked at her, mother snatched a carving knife from the counter top and screamed, "if you do not finish on time I will kill you!"."

Passage #2

"I did this for two reasons: I wanted the bucket as far away as possible, and in case mother opened the door, I wanted her to get a taste of her own medicine."

Something That Was Surprising

When David's father didn't stop, or help David through any of mothers "games". At the beginning Davids father seemed sympathetic towards him, however towards the end of the book he seemed to distant himself away from David, and spent less and less time at home.