Life On The Goldfields


Types Of Gold

Gold is molten metal pushed up through the center of the earth due to tectonic plate movement.There are three types of Gold. Alluvial, Eluvial, and Reef Gold. Alluvial Gold is Gold moved from its original point by water. Eluvial gold is Gold exposed by the rock formerly covering it disintegrating due to weather or wearing away. Finally, Reef Gold. Reef Gold is Gold Pushed up through the earth, cooling down and remaining unexposed.


Men and Women on the Goldfields had a tent to protect them from the elements and a blanket to protect them from the cold. The Diggers had certain tools, depending on what sort of mining they were planning on doing. Miners who were mining Alluvial Gold had to have a shovel, a pick and a pan (or cradle). Miners who were Mining Reef Gold had to have a pick, a shovel, a windlass and a bucket.


Conditions were terrible on the Goldfields. They had no toilets, and as a result, ask any person how to find the Goldfields (follow your nose). The Miners worked long hours with little success and on top of that, they had to pay Permit.


Disease was extremely common on the Goldfields as everyone was using up the energy they needed for their immune systems to work, though it was mostly due to the fact that there were thousands of sweaty, dirty miners were living together in 'Tent Cities'.

Chinese On The Goldfields

The industrious Chinese traveled to the Goldfields by the thousands. Race riots occurred between the British and the Chinese, as the British didn't like how the Chinese got more Gold than them as they were harder workers. The Chinese were scalped and murdered by the British. The Chinese were forced to open shops that offered little competition to the British.
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